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Efficient Solar air-conditioning and heating without the need for large batteries

Heating and cooling can consume up to 70% of a building's energy use, in off-grid settings this can requiring large batteries or generators. The system I have built enales the following criteria to be meet:

  • Solar-powered

  • Works after sunset without a large battery bank

  • Locally sourced and low-tech

  • Uses readily available, easily serviceable parts

  • Reduces the volume of refrigerant gas


I initially created this system when working for an NGO in West Africa and later built another system in Australia. It's ideal for off-grid living, low-resource areas, or anyone wanting to cut energy costs.

The system is based on a frequency controlled inverter as well as using the concept of thermal storage in the form of water.

System Set-Up




You can easily build your own ResourceCool system 
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