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About Monty Hatfield


While being homeschooled on an isolated off-grid farm in Australia, I learnt a lot about the importance of using what is available of which most was secondhand. I also developed a love for making existing systems more efficient and identifying where free or wasted energy could be put to use.  


At the age of 16 I took an apprenticeship as a welder and then a machinist. In recent years I have completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at NMBU in Norway.

Another field I have a passion for is humanitarian work. I have spent over four years working for a medical NGO in a number of African and middle eastern countries. During these assignments I have often found a great need for quick, reliable and inexpensive solutions using locally available materials in order to achieve the goals that were set.

I think my upbringing in nature and curiosity for life generally has helped with my creativity and unconventional approach to problem solving.  It allows me to look at challenging situations without constraint from differing perspectives which has probably led to my inventive mindset.

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