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New valve system for the next generation of portable air mattresses and other inflatable devices in medical, outdoors, industrial, marine and others sectors.  

A patented valve that allows for the inflation of multiple sections within one inflatable device drastically increasing stability as well as eliminating total deflation in the event of one or more punctures. It also allows for remote control of one-way valves including when only using flexible materials. Main field of focus at the moment is within the outdoor industry, as shown below. 



Improving reliability

  • smaller independent cells protect the mattress from deflating in the event of puncture

  • when a puncture occurs it only affects the one cell and is therefor much easier to locate and repair


Increasing stability

  • air is restricted within each air pocket - creating a more even and stable sleeping surface


Reducing ground contact

  • allows design with multiple, small and independent air pockets - protecting the user from ground contact

Possible use sectors

Outdoor & hiking equipment

  • Sleeping pads​

  • Inflatable boats/kayaks 

  • Life vests

  • Inflatable tent frames


  • Complications linked with in incontinence​


  • Oil containment booms​

  • Impact cushions 


  • Deflation proof tyres ​

Are you interested in using FleksiValve for your company or product?
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