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Effective disposable glove system for the retail industry 

AutoGlove was designed to reduce high volumes of disposable glove used in everyday settings around the world. It also improves the speed and hygiene in areas where rapid transfer between hygienic and non-hygienic zones is required. 

AutoGloves can be used by anyone, anytime. No special training is required - just insert your hands in the machine and presto, your gloves are on! With its touch-free sensors, AutoGlove is always standing by for its next use. It works with all common Nitrile or Latex gloves, and comes with mounting brackets for easy installation.

Reduce glove consumption

  • Gloves are mandated for hygienic tasks

  • Time-consuming when switching stations

  • Risk of non-compliance in a hectic environment

  • High disposal rate – raises costs and wastes resources

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Why use AutoGlove?

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Reduces waste

Did you know that nitrile gloves take up to 100 years to biodegrade? And that a single employee can use up to 200 gloves per day? The extraction of raw materials, fossil energy consumption, chemical use, transportation and waste are tough on the environment. Lowering your environmental footprint is good for your business and our planet.


Improves hygiene

The AutoGlove sterilisation unit uses UV-C light to kill bacteria, resulting in improved hygiene when switching between tasks. Eurofins Food & Feed Testing has verified that the product meets hygienic safety standards for food production and preparation.


Saves time

AutoGlove lets you put on gloves in about two seconds. Employees are able to focus on important tasks and work more efficiently. Improved service reduces wait time, stress and frustration for both customers and employees. 

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